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                High Vibe

Veteran studio players Max Berry (guitar & bass), Denny Osburn (keyboards, percussion & strings), and Michael O’Shiver (harp) have joined forces for a unique musical venture called High Vibe. This eclectic compilation “The Enneagram” is comprised of 10 original instrumentals based upon the 9 different personality types represented by the nine points of the enneagram. Mixing was handled by master producer Dave Jenkins

Here is a little background on the nature of this project: The actual origin of the symbol known as the enneagram is unknown, but has been documented in the teachings of Russian philosopher Georges I. Gurdjieff (1870-1949). Gurdjieff taught that the enneagram contained the key to knowledge of everything in the universe for those who knew how to read and interpret it.

The Enneagram of Personality was developed by Oscar Ichazo in the 1960’s as a tool for defining nine different personality types corresponding to the points on the enneagram. This interpretation has become the predominant area of focus of this intriguing symbol.

The study of the enneagram is relevant to the philosophy which inspired this recording. Our objective in recording The Enneagram was to write and perform music that embodies certain personality traits pertaining to specific number types of the enneagram. We hope listeners will discover some truth, however subjective, in this approach, and enjoy the music in the spirit in which it was written. The ten songs in this recording offer listeners rich discovery opportunities in the study of the numbers in relation to the personalities of people with whom we interact in our lives – friends, family, co-workers, etc.

In addition, a deeper spirituality may be found in exploring the cosmic laws of this ancient symbol.

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