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            Velvet Freeze


I saw you away
I didn’t know
If I said what I want
Would you feel the same

I never realized
But now I know

I didn’t understand the time to see
Now that everything is you to me

Inner thoughts of truth
Lock without a key
A silent cross tore through
Crucify my needs

Like a soul refined from life’s conception
I will be free


Did I say that I dig you
Well I do, I hope you’re digging me too

For all time I want to feel you
You feel so good in everything we do

I need you now
Though I don’t know where I’m going
I want you there too

All the time I think about you
You fill my soul and reconcile my pain

I need you
In your heart is where my love resides


Should I keep on going
When I know that you’re behind me
Should I keep on dreaming
When my nightmares end in realities

I am lost where I once was found
Gotta take some time to look around
Do I feel what I feel
Because it’s going on around me

Do I know what I know
Because my thoughts revolve around me
Did I mean what I said
When the walls cave in around me

I am lost where I once was found
Gotta take some time to look around
Will I see through the cloud
That constantly surrounds me

Can’t hide living when things go wrong
You want to die; your strength is gone
Can’t hide living when things go wrong
You want to die, but...

JAN. 1995
If you were me
And I was there for you to see
Would you still define our love as your peace

I wanted time to decide what I should be
But now life has found a new view for me

So here I am
My eyes open consciously
But you just can’t keep from running from me

So if you were me
And I was there for you to see
Would you still define our love as your peace Yeah

Free myself from conviction
Will I find how far to go
Livid like new religions
Will I find how far to go

Staring at your perfection
Miseries no longer pain
Feeling new and impassioned
I recognize what’s lost - resolve the thoughts of past days

No more

Have I severed my reason
Am I too far away
Desecration in masses
Have I fallen astray

Reconciling my fears now
A return from faltered shame
Serpents offer their rapture
But their songs grow stale
Their words have paled with age


Have I fallen astray
I don’t know

Vivid was the rejection
Little words of envy and hate
Shocking blue rose conception
It was wrong for me to assume we felt the same

I was just passing by one day
I look at you and leave the petals rose on
Forgetting that I’m not inane
I wander far and every step just goes on

I’d love to meet you but I know its not the same

Headed towards the hungry mundane
A black sedan
So much for the penance and shame
A black sedan
Succumb to the hungry mundane
A black sedan

I can’t reflect it doesn’t pay
I’m looking for a piece of sanctity free
Arresting heir about you now
Seducing me for every second I breathe


A blind man he follows
The deaf will lead the way
He only recognizes his sorrow
By the amount he bleeds each day

All of his dreams had been misconceived
All of his hopes had died
All that he had wasn’t there no more
And he didn’t know the reason why

And the passing time came closing in
Watching as the blood dried on his skin

Opens his eyes to a new day
He steps inside a lie
Erases the sketch of an old friend
As he fades in sullen light

And the passing time came closing in
And Godliness would not descend
Watching as the blood dried on his skin

You say you love me I’m torn inside
You’re the only one I can’t deny
I’m scared of knowledge; arresting lies
Yeah I know me well; it’s no surprise

I’ve shared too often in dreams
That end in loneliness

Not so much that I told you
What to feel when my world gets hard for you
Not so much that I told you
What to feel when the words I never knew

Scarred and fallen from compromise
I’m a weathered will; barbed paradigms
It’s gotta be hard for you to love me when I hang up on so many things
But I hope you will
Please don’t slip away


It’s been so long since I have gone without the jaded glasses
How much longer can it be
I took my life apart; the good, the bad, the sentimental
In the name of unity

I know what’s going down
Soon our weight will hit the ground
I know it’s for today
Soon my weight will feel the ground in me

I could not say what I did feel inside though it was so simple
I couldn’t say that I believed
That I’ll “be” nothing more can I see
Call on my brother to set me free


If I could find ascension
A surrogate paradise
A meaning delivered a thought to evade

If I could see forever
What would I know by now
At times I forget what I learned in the day

Well I'm tired so maybe I'm to blame
God only knows it’s such a foolish game
I've weathered seasons in the severed rains
God only knows its just a point of view

I'm learning to breed deception
Through invalid paradigms
So many though few for us all to relate

Perimeters drawn - convention
Enabling alibis
Irrelevance born and its gums would recede


Untied from your world
Feeling no shame
No sacrifice tomorrow
When today becomes estranged

Gone out through your door
Gone under again
If the walls should stand forever
Life becomes a sin

I see the dying of a world of dissonance
Without the lies around us
We’d see no difference

From what should have been
To what’s been undone
To sanctify the ignorance would mean the problem’s just begun

I don’t mean to bereave
All the colours so bestowed
Beneath our tired skin
Lies the clearest form of soul

I don’t think about a way to understand it
I don’t know what to say
Far from jaded doubt time fades in restless minds
There’s no solace in the day

An everlasting moment seemed
All to find what would never be
Take back contrasting romance dreams
All to find what would never be

There’s no time for reason
Why justify
Warning’s not a part of fate

I didn’t know
Our passion was opaque
So now I’ll see
That I don’t belong


What I thought was something
A solitary three
What I found was empty
I could not see
Rudiment confusion
The differential fee
Comatose perfection
I could not be

As I see

You don’t know what I saying
Surpassing consecration
Blatancy complicated
Expose the correlated

As I see

I have anticipated
It won’t belong to me

Write myself in numbers
Find myself away from it all

(repeat chorus)

A Symbolist injection
Contemporary needs
Contortionist inflection
Idle form-free


If anybody’s asking, I’m leaving
To a field so far away
Where the statues are bleeding
There isn’t anyone who relates

All it was I thought could be
Has gone
A step in time and I’m washed away
Sad upon your exit, I’m dead

I love you with a passion but I’m failing
New waters cold; reborn in ice
Forgive me I’ve succumbed to temptation
I’ve lived enough to know it’s too late
My love has lent itself to my hate
I love you and I’ll miss you; it’s fate


Myriads of thoughts compromised
Drift apart from those meant to survive
Those with meaning transcend into truths
Unchanging with life they are fused

Self-derived like the earth and the sea
Use my soul as a means to be free
Look beyond all the givens of real
Rely on the instincts I feel

Surpass the boundaries that are self-bestowed
Given time the lines will erode
Find the strength from within

Look past the pain of cold yesterday
Sometimes no words can express what’s to say
Continue on - know that life is a gift
Sometimes the world without notice will shift

Given a sketch without colour to use
Fill it in with whatever you choose
Follow your heart and your mind and you’ll win
Being untrue is committing a sin

Open your eyes to the beauty of the day
You may never come around the same way
See the truth from within
And I will see you through

Endure the pain you may hold from the past
Eternity’s the only thing that will last
Find salvation within
And I will see you through

All songs written by Josh Shelton and published by Max Berry Music (BMI) and J. Suede (BMI)

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