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            Velvet Freeze


 Gods of Music

Review by Mat Edwards, March 2001





 This song would hit national air play if a small amount of tweaking was done in the arrangement to make it into a commercial friendly format; i.e., the jam at the break is too long for fickle radio.

 Velvet Freeze is a solid, very tight band. The vocals mesh perfectly and the harmonies are searing. The guitar parts are playful and well done. I found myself saying 'YEAH" at the funk break. The drumming was like a metronome and also dead on.

I can't say enough about this band or the song. They are without a doubt one of the best bands I have heard in a while. They are making my #1 of my top ten reviews. Check it out. I can say I reviewed them before they break big ... Great job fellas! It's not if, but when.

Charisma:                   9.00

Technical Skill:           9.00

Structure:                    8.50

Interest:                      9.00

Lyrics:                         n/a

Performance:              9.00

Arrangement:             8.50

Recording Quality:     9.00

LongTerm Appeal:     9.00



Gods of Music

Review by Mat Edwards, March 2001





 Well once again I had the pleasure to review a work from Velvet Freeze.

 This band just keeps surprising me. The first track I reviewed was "Circle”, an up-tempo funk filled thunderbolt. Then, lo and behold, I see this track "Gerald Stin" in the massing pile of reviews in the GOM vault and pounce on it. I am salivating through my ears, waiting for the start and then ... a complete 360 from what I thought I would hear.

 "Gerald Stin" is a song with deep meaning and great lyrics. It's about a relationship, envy, and passion. Joshua Shelton sings with grace. What a great voice. This guy doesn't have to growl or scream. His vocals just cut through, pure and unfettered. He lilts his voice, caressing a phrase and then punches in for effect. Absolutely wonderful.

 The song is laid over some very tasty little classical/flamenco guitar work performed by Max Berry, Producer. The accompanying background vocals weave in and out on an Arabic carpet similar to Middle Eastern rhythms evoked by Led Zeppelin.

 Carrying this great song is the percussion of Stephanie Shelton and Clark Jamison, the glue of this great band. Stephanie's overdriven bass lends just perfectly at the right points at the break for feel and mellows to carry the song throughout transitions. Clark Jamison has placed all kinds of tasty little percussive accompaniments in to titillate the listener. Work on the floor tom and timbales/bongos. Very, very cool. Did I hear one of those little egg shakers too? I love those!

 Once again I can't say enough about this group. Velvet Freeze is a solid, very talented band of accomplished musicians. They feel passion in their music and it is reflected in the fine writing.

 Josh Shelton told me not to listen to another cut that was allegedly not ready called "Wasted over You". I did anyway. I loved it. Now I HAVE to buy the CD.

 I recommend ANYTHING from this band. They are going places and are THAT good.

 PS: Yes, this is now #2 on my all time top10 list. Man, now I want to move to Kansas City and be a roadie.

Charisma:                   9.00

Technical Skill:           9.00

Structure:                    8.50

Interest:                      9.00

Lyrics:                       10.00

Performance:              9.50

Arrangement:             8.50

Recording Quality:     8.50

Long Term Appeal:    9.00

OVERALL:                9.00


Pitch Weekly

Review by Andrew Miller, February,1999

A nectarine is a smooth-skinned variety of peach, and velvet is one of the smoothest fabrics, so it’s not surprising that the musicians who use this mix of fruit ‘n fiber to title their band and album write smooth pop tunes.  Similarly, the names of the songs let listeners know what to expect.  “I Want U” is Prince-style funk, “Black Sedan” is bluesy rock, “Bleed” is dark grunge... Nectarine  can be quite a treat.

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